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    We add an IMPOSTER Foot ROLE in Among Us
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    Published on 5 days ago


    1. tawayne omess

      Freedy rol

    2. Joshua Newport


    3. 2kool4skool 74

      do what morgz did he looks so much more cooler at the moment

    4. natasha connor

      I. Love. Bedy

    5. Spirolio22 _Gamer

      Ok.PLEASE make the mommy mod were u can turn into a mommy and throw slippers.Also she can slap u and find you with her mommy powers.😂

    6. Rot Golpchit

      I gave like by my foot

    7. Larenzo Speed

      They should make a Mr.beast Panther Mod

    8. Corbett Werley

      dou a king kong mod

    9. Norma Smith

      The imaginary flugelhorn successively waste because bowling spindly pop without a lucky blizzard. alluring, typical kenneth

    10. Ryan Genon

      I love your vids there amazing!

    11. Nathan Scott

      Just you and them getting scared of a giant foot is already making me laugh

    12. Amritveer Toor

      i liked the video with my toe

    13. Yanina Hall-Masis

      do ice cream mod

    14. Patrick Walls

      King kongmod

    15. A Quintero

      do a robot mod next plsssssss

    16. happy golucky


    17. Wolf Gang

      Basically just become someone from plants versus zombies and yeah that would be cool

    18. Wolf Gang

      Make a mod where you’re able to become robot except it’s from plants versus zombies garden warfare three

    19. Haven Hopkins

      The decisive hedge implicitly perform because font muhly replace inside a honorable albatross. crabby, level yam

    20. foxylord of games

      Him: talking about mods Me: FOOT FOOT FOOT FOOT FOOT FOOT

    21. drewski1490 o

      Do you ship do a alien mod whoever's the imposters they can turn into aliens and make it turn into UFOs and suck up people and then kill him and then bring them down wherever they were

      1. drewski1490 o

        Do a alien mod

    22. Ronny Harel

      baby yoda

    23. WaterLavaBoy

      i clicked the like button with my foot

    24. Anna Ridley

      How about a big pterodactyl?

    25. X of All Trades

      did you meet poke

    26. Samantha Smith

      king kong mod

    27. donald yancy


    28. spyninjas#cwc

      hay ssundee

    29. Fhranz Alkien Bermudo

      "Who foots there" best part hahahaha

    30. Reddi Maya Enayah

      Mad idea: the crewmates can spawn a dragon to the imposter and the imposter can spawn a dragon Types of dragons u ask imposter gets ice flame dragon and the crewmate fir flame

    31. tiffany valencia

      I love your vids

    32. Meshanda Hagood

      they probably gave you more than 7000 likes you’re welcome🥰🥰🥰😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🥰🤗🥰🤗🥰🤗😍🤗🥰🤗🤗😘🤗😌🤗😍

    33. Samir Ostovar

      Head role

    34. Games Amuck


    35. Mike Hall


    36. Sue Lyddiatt

      Finger role shoots a finger at one crewmate and grows a new finger

    37. xxx king_boostz

      Can u make a mod like fan mod

    38. Chloe West


    39. Ivan Lin


    40. Ann Chafin

      tank role

    41. Lana Loftis

      This is when yo know they runin out of ideas

    42. Luca Barker Bowie


    43. Gwen Duprie

      Mod idea:pennywise can throw a Crewmate on a wall. Send Jeffy to kill And to colour blind A crewmate.

    44. NateN8han

      LE F O O T

    45. Evelyn Hammel

      Dust bunny mod! all i have to say

    46. Eric Yu

      you could make a hand mod

    47. Titus Graham

      no credits to me huh i said this role AGES ago

    48. E3vee - Boii

      A noodle role you can swing noodle at crewmate and squirt sauce in crew eyes

    49. Jamilah abdullah

      n?nnnnnnńbnnnnnmnn n?nnnnnnnnbb.


      A SSundee mod where the imposter is SSundee and they have crazy abilities

    51. Marlon Lim

      And vegan crewmate

    52. Marlon Lim

      How about a dounut imposter

    53. Isaac Orellana Amaya

      I love you among us videos make more among us videos

    54. Dubs Cats

      The Barney Role

    55. Cristy Poviones

      He is a ‘’foot man’’😝

    56. Olivia Roth

      Covid mode...


      When I click the like button I actually kicked it with my foot like I’m not joking like I did that for real

    58. Minnie Kearney

      Among Us tornado mod

    59. Minnie Kearney

      Among Us mod Humpty Dumpty 4 imposter powers

    60. Minnie Kearney

      Among the Sleep mod

    61. Chris Hawkins


    62. Weston Kennedy

      Da foot is here

    63. Bill Dokter


    64. Bill Dokter

      I wanted to take the light button but I accidentally kicked the unlike button

    65. AjGamingPG

      1:57 I can’t tell if he said, “h311 naw” or if I’m just hearing things. Oh well, this dude is still the best

    66. Hayley Wooten

      Make the impasta ASCP

    67. stan the man man

      a lave monstre mode

    68. Annelie Areskär

      A giant among us head comes for the ground MOD

    69. Shannon Cooper

      snake SNAKE

    70. Rashed Aldahmani

      flash role idk if you tryed this role :)

    71. Reuel Sanchez

      wait sunndee your eye

    72. Popcorn King

      Air bender

    73. James Gal

      How about making a big foot role big foot the creature

    74. Marietta Morales

      The triton vs attack on titans mod

    75. Loot Llama900

      I have wanted this mod for a long time. Thank u SSundee

    76. Любомир Петров

      do a bot role pls

    77. S P

      how about you try SHIN GODZILLA imposter

    78. Lox Taby

      I want a SSundee mode

    79. TravNLee Goodson


    80. Jose Felipe Antonio Lopez


    81. melika moayedian

      Omg so good I mean grooss the foot always wins

    82. LEE KAI XI Moe

      ssunde mode

    83. Lisa Marsic

      What about a sonic role!

    84. Jasper C

      Did anybody else realize that the code was loafXY

    85. Aliya J

      ssundee is my favorite

    86. Katie odonnell

      There should be a wolf imp

    87. Harry Smith

      Do an pennywise role

    88. Celine Liu

      I actually used my foot for the like button


      Im kick The likebutton

    90. bella playz

      First glance

    91. Cain Cuellar


    92. Joe Harling

      Baby yoda mod I like baby yoda

    93. Akwasi Nti-Addae

      footballllllllll pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

    94. Tohmok21 Merchant

      How do i get this mods

    95. Arnas Baranauskas

      foot on a dad with a foot

    96. Teamboeing737

      Please stop milking this game with mods it’s getting old 🙄🙄🙄

    97. Emma Pearce

      How about a "Memes" Role that would be funny!!

    98. FRENCH Harrison


    99. Emma Ayris

      You should do an elephant mod

    100. Cole Prouse

      Drop kicked my phone then remembered that I am a kicker in football